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Cynet is a cyber-security company. It converges essential cyber security technologies that helps enterprises to identify security loopholes and threat intelligence, and manage endpoint security. It was founded in 2015, and is headquartered in USA.

Cynet 360 is the first autonomous security breach protection platform that integrates and automates monitoring and control, attack prevention, detection and response across the complete environment. Using Cynet Sensor FusionTM technology, it continuously analyzes all activity signals from a protected environment: user activity, process behavior, and network traffic to provide protection against the threat of unprecedented accuracy, along with automated remedial repair procedures for all core attack vectors. Among the main advantages there are also included 24/7 security services (incident response and threat hunting and risk management expertise at no extra cost).

Cynet 360

If you are a CIO/CISO of an organization you know how challenging it is to navigate between multiple security products offerings, your actual security needs and organizational resource constraints. While it is now common knowledge that breach protection is an imperative, the way to reach this goal seems to become increasingly complex.

Cynet 360 deploys AI in its network threat detection systems that examine threats and act on them automatically. The ethos at Cynet is to make advanced threat protection as straightforward as running any system monitoring package.

The Cynet network protection suite is written to provide accessible threat protection to organizations that do not have specialist cybersecurity personnel. That said, the system is not just for understaffed small enterprises. The service’s customer base includes large multinationals with tens of thousands of employees, including organizations with a high cost of security failure, such as banks.

Cynet 360 is a complete cybersecurity system that includes AV endpoint protection through to device detection, threat prediction, user behavior modelling, and vulnerability management. The system has a discovery phase, which uses standard network topology mapping methods to discover all network devices and endpoints. The system checks through event logs and tracks traffic patterns to build up a baseline model of regular network activity. This logging stage creates a risk ranking for traffic sources and types of behavior. With these actions, Cynet 360 creates its AI knowledge base and threat monitoring can begin.

Threat detection extends to the placement of decoys masquerading as real endpoints, files, and servers, that aim to attract attackers away from genuine network resources.

Cynet is trying to change the security industry with a consolidated breach protection platform that natively integrates proactive IT monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and comprehensive response orchestration in a single interface that is fast to deploy and simple to operate. Cynet pioneered the notion of protecting the internal environment as an inseparable entirety – user accounts, files and processes, network traffic and hosts.

Today, sound breach protection entails having advanced protection on the endpoints (examples: Symantec, Crowdstrike, Carbon Black), behavioral monitoring of the network traffic (examples: Darktrace, Microsoft Azure ATP, Vectra Networks,), a proactive vulnerability management tool (examples: Qualys, Tenable) and, in increasing numbers, a managed security service. Cynet consolidates all these offerings and more into a single cohesive platform that provides end-to-end proactive monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration, backed by a 24/7 SOC to support all aspects of investigation and response. 

Having all core breach protection built together from the ground up introduces unmatched operational simplicity, providing the security team with a single tool to master and manage, versus the common mainstream of complex multi-product security stacks. Additionally, having all visibility and attack protection technologies natively built from the ground up enables continuous correlation and validation which results in threat coverage that is both wide and accurate, with minimized false positives, as well as security robustness.

Cynet built the platform to be simple, easy to deploy and use; to provide visibility across the network, endpoints, files and users; to ensure protection against a very wide range of attacks including common, as well as advanced, multi-layered attacks; and to provide a team of security experts available 24/7 complementing the customer’s in-house security expertise.



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