Custom Firmware Development Services for HSMs

utimaco LAN V5 4

Transform your ideas like new key derivation mechanisms, specific data processing functions or custom extensions into real and executable applications in a safe environment and develop applications with massively reduced effort and overhead. 

You can execute your most sensitive and valuable custom code in the secure perimeter of a tamper-resistant boundary of a hardware security module (HSM). Applications running in the secure execution environment can encrypt/decrypt and process data as well as benefit from HSM enforcement of the policies that govern use of the applications’ keys. Custom firmware module can be used to protect any type of application. Examples include cryptography and business logic associated with banking, smart metering, digital signature agents, authentication agents and custom encryption processes.

Secure coding requires special skills, such as utilizing best practices and avoiding security risks and performance bottlenecks. Experts at CREA plus have experience and expertise in the development of custom firmware modules for Utimaco HSMs.



New Software Release for Utimaco HSM

utimaco LAN V5 4Utimaco, a leading manufacturer of hardware security modules (HSMs), has released SecurityServer 4.30 and SDK for its line of HSMs.

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ADSS Server SAM Appliance is now approved as a QSCD and a QSealCD

Ascertia SAM Appliance pic6Ascertia’s ADSS SAM Appliance is the first Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) that meets the new eIDAS regulations and ETSI/CEN standards of EN 419 241-1 and protection Profile EN 419241-2 with Sole Control Assurance Level 2 to deliver the highest levels of trust when creating Qualified Remote Signatures on behalf of Natural Persons and Natural Persons linked to Legal Entities.

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