CREA plus presenting Cynet at INFOSEK

infosekCREA plus is going to deliver a lecture at the conference INFOSEK about Cynet 360, a reliable protection against security breaches.

The lecture The age of Autonomous Breach Protection: Prepare, Confront and Respond to cyberthreats across the entire environment, delivered by Michele Barbiero, IT security expert and managing director of CREAplus Italia, is going to introduce Cynet 360, which is a solution developed by company Cynet.

Cynet 360 eliminates the need for complex, multi-product security stacks, providing reliable protection against security breaches. The solution is accessible to any organization, regardless of size and security readiness. Cynet 360 is the first autonomous security breach platform that integrates and automates monitoring and control, attack prevention, detection and response across the complete environment. Using Cynet Sensor FusionTM technology, it continuously analyzes all activity signals from a protected environment: user activity, process behavior, and network traffic to provide protection against the threat of unprecedented accuracy, along with automated remedial repair procedures for all core attack vectors. Among the main advantages there are also included 24/7 security services (incident response and threat hunting and risk management expertise at no extra cost).

We are kindly inviting you to participate at the lecture on Thursday, 28 November 2019 at 15:30.

The INFOSEK conference will be held from 27 to 29 November 2019 at the conference center of the Hotel Perla in Nova Gorica in Slovenia. The conference has become the largest event in the field of information security in Slovenia. It provides participants with many opportunities to learn about the latest trends and efforts to improve information security.

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