Technical Training for Utimaco HSM in Rome

shutterstock 298735595CREA plus, authorized Utimaco training partner, is going to deliver a hands-on technical training for Utimaco HSM in Rome, Italy, on 30-31 January 2020.

CREA plus presenting Cynet at INFOSEK

infosekCREA plus is going to deliver a lecture at the conference INFOSEK about Cynet 360, a reliable protection against security breaches.

Technical Training for Utimaco HSM in Ljubljana

shutterstock 298735595CREA plus, authorized Utimaco training partner, is going to deliver a hands-on technical training for Utimaco HSM in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 5-6 December 2019.

Technical Training for Utimaco HSM for Dutch RDW

technical training utimaco hsm zagreb 2 edt2CREA plus, authorized Utimaco training partner, has again successfully conducted a technical training for Utimaco HSM in the Netherlands, this time for the Dutch Department of Road Transport, the RDW.

HID/ActivIdentity Smart Cards Not Affected by ROCA


Pametna kartica HIDOn October 16, 2017, NIST National Vulnerability Database added entry No. CVE-2017-15361, describing a bug in the Infineon RSA software library useb in the software of many smart cards and Trusted Platform Modules currently in use (known as ROCA).

REAL security is a Distributor for Utimaco Solutions


real security logo 2016In November 2017, REAL security, a company based in Maribor, has become the distributor for Utimaco solutions for ex-Yugoslavian countries. Among most recognizable Utimaco solutions are Hardware Security Modules (HSM), which are designed to safely store the root certificates issued by CA. Utimaco also offers a wide range of other products and solutions related to public key infrastructure.

HID Global with new ActivID BlueTrust Token

multi factor bop thHID Global has announced the availability of their new ActivID BlueTrust™ token, which represents the latest addition to their OTP device portfolio. BlueTrust™ token supports Bluetooth® technology, providing a user-friendly experience without sacrificing privacy and security. ActivID BlueTrust™ token is a multi-purpose contactless token for IT access.

Cetis with Utimaco HSM

cetis logoSlovenian leading company in the field of printing security and commercial printed matter, Cetis, has decided to use quality hardware security modules (HSM) from Utimaco.

iStorage launches new datAshur Personal 2

datAshur Personal 2 with cap 1 1iStorage, the leading manufacturer of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage devices, launched an enhanced datAshur Personal 2 USB 3.0 flash drive.

Na Windows Vista sem namestil medprogramje ActivCard Gold. Ko poskušam dostopati do strani, ki zahteva digitalno potrdilo shranjeno na kartici, ta preneha delovati. Kako to?

Windows Vista je vpeljal način »Protected mode«, kjer se brskalnik uporablja z znižanimi uporabniškimi pravicami.

Namestitev medprogramja ActivCard Gold na Visti ni podprta, zaradi tega tudi ne deluje "Protected mode" v brskalniku Internet Explorer. To stanje lahko obidete tako, da spletno mesto do katerega želite dostopati, dodate med zaupanja vredna mesta v brskalniku na sledeč način:

  • izberite Tools -> Internet options -> Security,
  • izberite "Trusted Sites",
  • preverite če je "Protected mode" izklopljen pri »Trusted Sites«.

V vsakem primeru priporočamo nakup najnovejše različice medprogramja, ki polno podpira Windows Vista in Windows 7, to je ActivIdentity ActivClient.


Webinar on Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

the risk 03Cryptographic algorithms that proved to be secure for decades may be breached by quantum computers within minutes. 

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Cynet Chooses CREAplus as a New Distributor for Cynet 360

Cynet SecurityCynet Security and CREAplus join forces to bring Cynet 360, the industry's first autonomous breach protection platform, to the Southeastern European market.

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Technical Trainings for Cryptographic Solutions

Training Ljubljana 20190725 110441sml2CREAplus, authorized Utimaco training partner, has expanded its range of technical trainings for additional Utimaco cryptographic solutions.

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