Technical Trainings for Utimaco HSMs

CREAplus, authorized Utimaco training partner, organises technical trainings for Utimaco hardware security modules (HSMs). A hands-on training qualifies participants to effectively use quality Utimaco HSMs.

Hardware-Based Protection of Sensitive Data Using HSMs

In case of data encryption it is necessary to protect the encryption keys. A solution is to store the keys in a dedicated device, such as hardware security modul (HSM). HSM executes the secure generation and storage of keys, which do not leave the secure environment of an HSM.

German company Utimaco is one of the leading manufacturer of HSMs. Utimaco HSMs keep cryptographic keys safe. With German precision engineering, FIPS certified tamperproof Utimaco HSMs offer scalable performance with the highest level of physical security and self-defence for hostile environments.

Technical Training for Utimaco HSM 

This is a live classroom-based course with extensive practical content:

  • learn how to install, configure, administer and manage an HSM
  • integrate with commonly used applications and customize them for your specific requirements
  • online exam leads to “Utimaco Certified Engineer” status.

The training is designed to enable technicians to:

  • acquire the Utimaco-specific knowledge, and then
  • be able to carry out the installation and proper configuration and
  • provide support up to an agreed level.

During the standard two-day class participants develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to set up, deploy, and maintain Utimaco HSMs and maximize the value of these devices for their organization. Designed for system administrators and project management personnel with or without experience in cryptography, the class covers basic principles of cryptography and the role played by encryption; moreover it especially focuses on Utimaco HSMs and the security architecture in securing sensitive and high-value data. The theoretical part of this class focuses on product description, solution architecture, deployment and maintenance, while the practical sessions include product administration, integration and troubleshooting. These are all hands-on sessions in which an Utimaco HSM is installed and configured to demonstrate a working solution. Here participants master common installation and administration tasks that prepare them to set up and manage Utimaco HSMs in their own environment with a firm awareness of the value of security best practice.

Training agenda:

  • Hardware & Software Architecture
  • Placing Into Operation
  • Administration tools
  • Device lifecycle and Key storage variants
  • Basic administration
  • APIs

A registration for the free Utimaco HSM simulator is required in advance.

Trainings are held in English. 

Training Course Availability - Live Classroom and Online/Remote Courses

Open-enrollment workshops provide flexibility for customers needing only a few individuals trained. Don’t see a class near you? Please let us know you are interested and if we get enough interest, we will try to schedule a class!

To ensure the safety of participants and our staff we are now offering also online/remote classes, ensuring a top-quality and engaging experience. Online/remote classes are held using video meetings and instant messaging tools. We will resume on-site classes as soon as possible.

Course Location Date Price* Registration
Technical training Utimaco HSM GP  ONLINE  23 - 24 July 2020 1.250,00 €  REGISTER HERE
Technical training Utimaco HSM GP Onsite for closed user group  2 - 3 July 2020 1.250,00 €  

Technical training Utimaco HSM GP Athens, Greece TBD 1.250,00 €  

Technical training Utimaco HSM GP Bucharest, Romania TBD 1.250,00 €  

* Please contact us for price if you plan more participants from the same organisation or if you are our reseller.  

Traning Certificate

Each training attendee has the possibility to take a Utimaco online exam after the training (Utimaco Academy). A Certificate of Training (“Utimaco Certified Engineer”) is issued by Utimaco after successful passing of the online exam and is valid for 2 years.

Customized Trainings

All of our courses are also available for delivery at your organization and for your organization. Such deliveries offer the ability to customize the agenda as well as defining specific areas where additional emphasis is desired.

CREAplus works with Utimaco product management and R&D to produce high quality training material that is rich in technical information, but also easy to understand. The material is constantly updated to reflect the latest features and is designed with real world use cases very much in mind. Full training documentation is provided for future reference. The trainers bring a wealth of experience in the security industry and cryptography field. They provide “hands on” experience with the latest products. 

You can read more about Utimaco and CREAplus partnership in the field of technical trainings for Utimaco HSMs here


Please contact us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more details and opportunities to attend the next Utimaco HSM technical training.